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If you had the chance, would you marry me, shag me, or throw me off a cliff?

Or 'insert your own option here.'
You entered: Andromeda Black Tonks

There are 19 letters in your name.
Those 19 letters total to 66
There are 6 vowels and 13 consonants in your name.

What your first name means:
Latin Female Daughter of Cassiopeia.
Greek Female Mythology; an Ethiopian princess; wife of Perseus. Also a northern constellation.

Your number is: 3

The characteristics of #3 are: Expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living.

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About me


Last Howler I got from home.

Most of the time. My notes can get a little sloppy.

Roast beef.

That Severus- he's a trendsetter. ask him how!Collapse )
1. What was the last thing you made?

A perfect Draught of Living Death. Even Professor Slughorn was impressed. (And I only had to look at Cissy's notes once)

2. What do you think of it?

I may never excel in Potions like Mother or Cissy but at least I'm not hopeless.

3. What's the weather like?


4. How about inside?


Of course you wanna read it! It's all about meee!!!Collapse )
I'm going to describe myself in 6 words. Please respond to this message with your own 6 word description of me. Then post this in your own LJ and see if people can describe you in ONLY 6 words.

A very well repaired whack job.
Name a character that you know I write or have written, and I'll tell you:

a. What initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about him/her.
b. One of his/her best traits.
c. One of his/her worst traits.
d. How easy/difficult I find it to write the character.
e. The story/thread/chapter/post/paragraph/tag/phrase where I feel that I truly captured the character.
f. My plans (if any) to write the character in the near future.

My Personality
Openness to Experience
You do not feel nervous in social situations, and have a good impression of what others think of you, however you feel strong cravings and urges that you have difficulty resisting. You tend to prefer short-term pleasures and rewards over long-term consequences. You lead a moderately paced life. You like some energetic activities, but also like to relax and take it easy. You like the security of tradition, but sometimes have a desire to bend the rules and challenge conventional thinking. You are tenderhearted and compassionate, feeling the pain of others vicariously and are easily moved to pity, however you are not adverse to confrontation and will sometimes even intimidate others to get your own way. You have strong will-power and are able to overcome your reluctance to begin tasks. You are able to stay on track despite distractions.

Take a Personality Test now or view the full Personality Report.

PureAwakening Jewelry.

1) Go HERE to generate 10 random numbers between 1 and 100. Generate a different set of numbers for each character you pick. DO THIS FIRST.

2) Then I will answer the corresponding questions from HERE.

Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Sirius Black

You are a gifted wizard and very loyal to your allegiance. Whilst you have a big heart and care very much about those around you, you can be a little arrogant and reckless at times.

Sirius Black


Albus Dumbledore


Draco Malfoy


Harry Potter


Severus Snape


Lord Voldemort


Ron Weasley


Remus Lupin


Hermione Granger


Ginny Weasley


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Cut for those who don't realize people over 30 have sex. in fact? Because we're old and retired and our kids are grown up- we have MORE TIME TO HAVE MORE SEXCollapse )
The Sexlife Motto of
" Do what I say "

'What is your Sexlife Motto?' at QuizUniverse.com
OOC:Twenty Fanfic Writing Questions

1. How about a brief introduction?

It was a drk and stormy night. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Call me Ishmael. I was born a poor black child. All happy families are alike but every unhappy family is unhappy in their own way. Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. Last night I dreamed I went to Manderlay again. As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect. ....*

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Warning! Meta!Crack ensues! Any children dumb enough to click on the link below deserve the lifetime of therapy they'll need.

I am absolutely going to hell...there's room in the handbasket-why don't ya'll join me?

*whistles and waves a handful of paper muggle money.*

Severus? Perhaps now you can explain why . . . There's No Sex in the Champagne Room

For anyone who has yet to experience the joys of pole dancing--I present... but there are no guarantees that you'll be as sexy as the 'Naughty Headmaster'.

Still love me Sev-baby?
The Game is on!!! And you're IT!

Describe ME in one word.....just one single word. Post it in my comment section. Then put the same request in your journal so we can visit you… and do the same thing… and see how many strange and interesting things they say about you.
Come on you know you want to.
A few of my favorite sights:

My Milan house

Several of the Venice buildings






I feel loved when...

The Five Love Languages

My Primary Love Languages are probably Physical Touch and Quality Time

<th colspan="2">My Detailed Results:</th>
Physical Touch: 10
Quality Time: 10
Words of Affirmation: 6
Acts of Service: 3
Receiving Gifts: 1

About this quiz

Unhappiness in relationships is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. It can be helpful to know what language you speak and what language those around you speak.

Tag 3 people so they can find out what their love language is.

Take the Quiz!
Check out the Book

I think by now you know the drill (well, most of you). Comment to this entry and I will interview you (five questions). Let me know if you want me to interview you as a mun of your pups or if you want it to be an ic interview. Thanks.

I'll be editing this post with my answers as I tag in because this meme always spreads like wildfire.

for EllisCollapse )

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Go ahead...comment.