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Andromeda Tonks

Andromeda Tonks is my name and chances are that if you live in the Wizarding World you've encountered either my sister or my daughter. If it's the former, you have my condolences. If it's the latter then you no doubt understand why I am so proud of Nymphadora. The other great love of my life is my grandson Teddy.

I was disowned by 'The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black' and consider it to be one of the best days of my life. (as a friend of mine once said so eloquently 'Tojours Pur my ass') Escaping my family's pureblood mania is what saved me... not to mention the look on Aunt Wallburga's face when she found out I married a Muggle.

The second war left me widowed and raising my daughter's son. I never thought I'd wind up with more to lose the third time around.

Hollow Art: RPG Icons - over 800 PBs!

[ooc: I'm not really Andromeda Tonks and I'm not even Isabella Rosselini or Emily Browning (more's the pity) This journal is just for play.]

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